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Pledge for Education Donation Drive

Every year, the Booster Club asks for your help to support support the programs and people that enhance the quality of education your student receives and make Clover a two time award winning Blue Ribbon School.

We are kicking off our annual Pledge for Education (PFE) direct donation drive! PFE is our most important fundraiser of the year as it funds over 60% of our organization’s annual budget.

Isn’t Clover Avenue Elementary a public school, supported by taxpayer dollars? Yes! However, the district only pays for the bare essentials of our school and staff. The Booster Club pays 100% of the cost of enrichment programs like P.E., Art, and Computer Lab, salaries for additional instructional aides and school staff, and other critical items for which LAUSD does not pay.

We are asking each Clover Family to donate $900 per student.

Our goal is to raise $150,000 in 100 days!  

When donations reach 100%, these are the items your gift will be funding:

  • Enrichment Programs including weekly Physical Education, Computer Lab, a semester of weekly Art Instruction, Ceramics.
  • Field Trips and music programs like the Winter Choral Concert.
  • Classroom supplies, photocopiers, campus beautification and garden.
  • Instructional aides and office staff support to ensure every classroom has the support of an aide.

How to Donate

Credit Card: You can use the form on the right to donate by credit card right now.  You can donate your full annual donation, or set up a recurring monthly charge.

Zelle: send a donation through Zelle to [email protected]. Please include your child’s name and teacher’s name in the description.

Check: please drop off a check, made out to Clover Avenue Booster Club, at the Clover Avenue Elementary office (between 8am and 4pm, Monday-Friday), or mail a check to Clover Avenue Booster, 11020 Clover Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034.

Company Matches

Make your contribution go even farther with a corporate match.  Many companies match their employees’ charitable contributions.  If you aren’t sure, please ask your company’s HR department!

If you find that your company does match, you can request a form from your employer and Clover PFE will be happy to help with any documentation you need to substantiate your donation.  Please contact Clover PFE at: [email protected].

Student & Classroom Prizes

There will be prizes to those students and classrooms that reach goals within the 100 days!

  • As a thank-you, each student whose family donates $100 or more will receive an articulated slug keychain.
  • Each classroom will also have a fundraising goal. When a classroom reaches 50% of its goal, that class earns a Pajama day and extra recess! And at 100%, the class gets a Popsicle Party and a no homework day!

School Prizes

Since LAUSD does not pay for classroom supplies, the cost falls on the teacher, families, and Booster funding. Through our PFE program, each classroom will earn extra money when the entire school reaches certain goals.

  • When the school reaches 50% of the goal ($75,000), each classroom will receive $100 to use toward something to benefit the class or grade level (field trip, class project, etc.).
  • If the school reaches 100% of the goal ($150,000), each classroom will receive an additional $150 for classroom and grade level expenses!

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