Volunteers Make Clover Happen!

Wondering how you can help out?  Volunteers are key to Clover’s success. Clover Ave Booster offer a variety of volunteer opportunities that fit all interests, skill levels, and time commitments. Parents, caregivers, grandparents, and more are all welcome to help!

Be part of this group of dedicated parents that help make our school an outstanding place for our children to learn and grow, and make special memories that will stay with them throughout their lives! 

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Description of Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Board Directors

Booster board directors uphold and exemplify Booster values and policy.  All board directors shall support our fundraising activities or operations in a significant way.

Our board of directors have the responsibility to understand and vote in our budget, read and acknowledge our financial policies and procedures, as well as review our tax returns.

Board directors must attend the monthly meetings that usually last for one hour. There are exceptional cases when a meeting may be called last minute or last for longer in cases where important financial decisions must be made. All board directors should uphold Booster’s meeting norms and treat fellow members with respect.

The board is composed by Booster officers and elected members. Elections happen yearly during the September Booster meeting.


President: Oversee fundraising, programs and the budget. Schedule and chair board and parent meetings. Meet with the principal regularly to discuss Clover’s activities and how the Booster Club can support them.

Vice-President: Working with the Booster President, collaborate with fundraising and community activities planning, promote our programs, and connect with staff and parents on campus to support our mission.

Treasurer: Manage Clover Avenue Booster financials in QuickBooks and issue financial reports, respond to requests for reimbursement, balance bank accounts, manage the accounting firm (Re: taxes), maintain financial files, and provide financial reports at monthly meetings. Prepare, in collaboration with the President and Vice-President, the Booster Club budget for board discussion and approval.

Secretary: Take notes and publish the minutes for our monthly Board meeting.

General Administration

Auditor: Review financial statements, documents, data, and accounting entries to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Parliamentarian: Keep our monthly board meetings operating smoothly by ensuring we follow parliamentary procedures.

Head Room Parent Coordinator: Train parent volunteers from homerooms to the role of room parent, including community development, classroom activity support as requested by the teacher, money collection for teachers’ gifts, and serve as Booster Club liaison in each classroom. Develop and distribute Clover Booster Club communications to be sent out by room parents.

Fundraising Leads

Pledge for Education (PFE) Coordinator: Organize and manage the annual fundraising campaign to solicit donations directly from the parent community. 

Halloween Hurrah: Plan, organize, communicate and execute the Halloween Hurrah event in collaboration with the event team, including raffle coordinator, volunteer coordinator, haunted house committee, glow forest committee, haunted hollow committee, pumpkin coordinator, and costume sale coordinator.

Book Fair: Organize, communicate and execute Clover’s Fall and Spring book fairs.

Silent Auction: Organize and manage auction events and team, including outreach for auction item donations, auction system set-up, communication with the school community, auction event planning and logistics, and management of auction payments and deliveries.

Pledge based Spring Fundraiser: select a pledge based fundraiser concept, name, and plan, identify and set-up pledge website, create a flyer to promote the fundraiser and communicate with the school community, organize prize distribution logistics (if any), recruit parent volunteers, run the event.

International Night: 4th grade parents plan, organize, communicate and execute the International Night event in collaboration with food booth leaders.

Other Fundraising

Grant Writing: Research available grant opportunities. Collect information and prepare grant proposals. Make presentations as needed. Monitor the grant process until payment is received.

Business Sponsorships: Build packages for outside support. Solicit corporate sponsors for the Business Banner program as well as event support. Build relationships with local businesses. 

Clover Spiritwear: Design and create Clover Spirit Wear attire, and manage orders and item distribution.

Passive Fundraisers: Research passive fundraising opportunities for the school and coordinate execution and communication with the Booster President.

Communications and Marketing

Cloverleaf Email: Draft and create the weekly parent e-blast with content provided by the Booster Club officers and Clover School principal. This is a weekly commitment that is great for parents who prefer to do remote work and have strong writing skills and an eye to detail.

Graphic Designer: Help create designs for spirit wear and print materials such as flyers, posters, tickets, and banners.


Website Designer: Improve and maintain Booster Club webpages.

Website Backend: Maintain Booster Club website backend.

Campus Support

Beautification: Identify needs, arrange volunteer support and organize school clean-up days.

Marquee: Maintain school marquee weekly as directed by Clover School principal.

Earthquake Kits: Organize the request and collection of earthquake kits by classroom.

School Tours Guides: Be an ambassador for Clover and lead Clover campus tours for prospective students and their families.

Lost and Found: Maintain the Clover campus lost and found shed. Teach children about caring for their items and gather their help in maintaining the shed. Communicate with school community about how to find their lost items. Organize clean-ups and item donations.

School Community

Kinder Meet and Greet: Organize and host meet and greet playdates to welcome new UTK, TK, and Kinder students!

Learning Garden: help water and maintain our learning garden. Volunteer and help students as teachers lead garden lessons.

Staff Appreciation: Plan, organize, and execute two yearly staff and teacher appreciation events, including supply purchases, donation requests, volunteer recruitment, event day set up and clean up.

Kindness Prizes: Pack student kindness prizes awarded at weekly morning assembly.

Math Club: description coming!

Run Club: description coming!

Event Support:

Event Lighting: Work in coordination with events’ leads to set up and take down event lighting.

Event Videographer/Photographer: Work in coordination with events’ leads to record and photograph live events.

Event Master of Ceremonies: Work in coordination with events’ leads to host fundraising events and ensure a smooth flow of activities.

Event DJ: Work in coordination with events’ leads to curate elementary grade level appropriate music and play music during school events.

Decorations/Balloons: Work in coordination with events’ leads to create balloon decorations for school events. Training on building balloon columns and arches will be provided!

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