Pledge for Education

Congratulations Clover!  You’ve raised over $85,000!  As promised, ’80s Mr. P leading PE for PFE!  Here’s the video in case you missed the assembly debut!

Pledge For Education is our most important fundraiser of the year. In order to continue providing our children with this stellar, well-rounded education, we need donations from EVERY Clover family. 

We’re asking each family to pledge $750 for each student.

Who Pays LAUSD

Clover Ave Booster

Teacher’s Aides Salaries


Computer Lab & instructor


Physical Education




Art YOU!
Teacher & core staff salaries


Electricity & Water


Building Maintenance X
Field Trips YOU!
Classroom Supplies YOU!

100% in 100 Days!

Rather than being bombarded with email after email, and letter after letter throughout the entire school year, we are pushing for 100% in 100 days. Just think, no more emails or letters asking for your Pledge after the 100 days are over! To make it even more fun, there will be prizes to those  classrooms that reach goals within the 100 days!  Get your donation in before our 100 days end on December 18, 2020!

Student & Classroom Prizes

As a thank you, each student who donates at least $50 will receive a Lucky the Owl squish toy to help manage online school stress. When classrooms meet 50% of their goal, kids will receive a pajama day! And when classes reach 100% of their goal, they will receive a virtual party.  Teachers receive $100 toward grade level expenses at 50% of the school goal, and another $100 at 100% of the school goal (these funds have been used for class sets of books, subscriptions to reading material and websites, whiteboards, field trips, and more).

When you donate at least $50, your student will receive a Lucky the Owl squish toy to help manage that online school stress!

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