Fifth Grade 2021-2022

After a pretty wild stretch, we are approaching the end of our 5th graders’ time at Clover.  And, it looks like, for the first time in three years, our class might get some of the fun 5th grade activities that Clover students look forward to: AstroCamp, a field trip, and a culmination luncheon. 

Unfortunately, the fundraising environment is still not conducive to raising money to fund these events (we just learned that the District is not approving in-person events for Fall, so food sales for Book Fair and Halloween Hurrah are off). And, even if fundraising were normal this year, we already lost our biggest fundraising event, International Night 2021. 

Many of you joined us on a Zoom call at the end of last year to strategize.  The general consensus on that call was that:

  1. We wanted our 5th graders to have as many of the traditional experiences as possible.
  2. We were willing to trim costs on those experiences when possible.
  3. We would rather pay more for these experiences than fundraise more.
  4. We were willing to pay at the start of the school year (to cover deposits and make sure we had the funds to commit to activities, given the uncertain fundraising landscape).

Our ask: Based on the breakdown in the table below, we are requesting each family donate $500 per child. We have the website set up so that you can break your payment into $100/month for 5 months.  Or you can submit 5 post-dated checks (we would like you to donate either the full amount or in these increments, so that we know what money is coming in before we make large commitments like Astrocamp!).

Families with financial need can apply for assistance with the form below. All requests for assistance are confidential — and families, if you have some funds to share, we’d all be grateful for any contribution to the scholarship fund. 

Additional information:

The table below shows estimated costs per student (we have received the invoice for Astrocamp, with higher fees than in prior years, so these numbers reflect that increase). 

Culmination chair rental/decor/lunch party$50

These numbers do not include class tiles (there may be enough materials left over from last year to not need much, gifts to 5th grade teachers or other helpers, a gift to the school from the class of 2022, or any money to pass on to next year). The Fifth Grade Committee (with the help of many 5th grade parents) raised about $700 at the Spring Book Fair last year (about $11 per student).  We may receive some money from last year’s class, but if we do, it may simply be the amount that we may be expected to pass along to the next year. 

The numbers above reveal some areas where we can cut back (do we need printed programs for culmination?) and are probably missing some areas where we might wish we had funds (there is usually a second field trip to Griffith Park).  Given that there was not a huge amount of excitement about leading traditional 5th grade fundraising activities — and the fact that COVID means that we can’t do most of them anyway — it seems like the smartest course of action is for fifth grade parents to contribute $500 per student. 

$500 per student (plus a little fundraising and a little money from last year!) should cover the basics listed above and provide some scholarships for families who request financial assistance. 

Then, if some fundraising activities do happen (there is great excitement about a rummage sale and I think that can happen off campus), we can vote on doing some extra activities or refunding some money.  But, in all honesty, I think $500 will just cover our expenses and anything extra we raise will be a bonus. 

On the Zoom call last year, it felt like everyone wanted to give these fifth graders, who have missed so much of their elementary school joys to COVID, a truly lovely fifth grade.  Hopefully $500 is a reasonable price to pay for that experience. 

Thanks to all of you for your input into this process. There is lots more input to be gathered, but as the AstroCamp deposit is due next month, we needed to get the first part of this process moving!

Here’s to a normal fifth grade year for the class of 2022~


The Class of 2022 Fifth Grade COmmittee

Tiffani Chin, Louba Aaronson, Liria Escobar, Aya Itami

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