Fifth Grade AstroCamp 2021-2022

Hello Fifth Grade Parents (class of 2022)!

There will be an optional, non-school sponsored AstroCamp trip for Clover Avenue 5th graders during Spring Break 2022 (Wednesday, April 13th- Friday, April 15th).

Families are asked to pay $400 to cover camp costs, bus costs, and (supply lines willing – apparently AstroCamp is struggling with store supplies) an AstroCamp sweatshirt for each student. Families may contact us to request confidential financial assistance.

To answer a few questions about Astrocamp:

-We will be administering rapid COVID-19 tests before students board the bus. Any student who is ill at camp will be isolated and will have to be picked up.

-Per AstroCamp: Students will be required to wear masks at camp when they are inside and cannot be distanced. They are not required to wear masks during sleeping time. Detailed protocols from Astrocamp were sent in a prior email, let me know if you’d like them to be resent.

-We are still taking volunteers to chaperone and have not yet made final decisions on chaperones (we need final attendance numbers, gender breakdowns, as well as some special needs of particular students to consider).

-Cabin roommates will be determined as they have been in prior years (with students requesting cabinmates and us working to set up cabins so that everyone has at least one requested “buddy.”) We will work on this closer to the date as friendship can shift over time.

We need to provide non-refundable attendance numbers to Astrocamp by 1/12/22. So, we are asking parents to commit and make payment by 12/31/2021, to give us a little bit of time to follow up with families before we make a final commitment.

You can pay with a credit card using this website (see form on the right) or send a check made out to “Clover Avenue Booster” to school with your student.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions!


The Class of 2022 Fifth Grade COmmittee

Tiffani Chin, Louba Aaronson, Liria Escobar, Aya Itami

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